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The startup conditions for Medieval Empires have been updated to take advantage of the freemailer and online membership offers, There are now some Empires Review pages dealing with a discussion of some possible rules changes, and there's also a page with the various Rules Changes accumulated in the game currently in progress


There are some new rules for More Spies which apply right away.


In the version 1.4 rulebook the Naval Rules have been completely replaced with rules which in action are more like those in Dark Age and Barbarians at the Gate. This applies to all variants. If you played the game before then throw away any old rulebooks and get a new one.


European Empires uses the standard rules (with no air forces) plus the optional Supply Rules. There's a new map, which is the same for both European and Medieval Empires. The supply rules in European Empires should mean that well-organised and supplied armies can dash about in a suitably Napoleonic fashion while armies without supply will be left to plod along using the standard rules.

View Map   Small   File size 76k, picture size 1125 x 840 pixels.

Full Map   Medium   File size 245k, picture size 2250 x 1681 pixels.


Australian Empires uses the optional rules for Resources & Trading. You can trade with each other and also with the independent trival areas. The rules for resources are fairly simple: you keep exploring until you find the stuff you can use or trade.

View Map   Small   File size 94k, picture size 984 x 694 pixels.

Full Map   Medium   File size 206k, picture size 2254 x 1577 pixels.

Talking to the other players is going to be vital in this game, because you're going to want to trade. You'll probably use lots of actions running around searching for resources. Wars will probably be shorter and more decisive, given that planning and logistics (getting the resources to where you want them) are going to be more important, but probably less important.

If resources are as important as I think then piracy might be a viable activity. There will be less "stuff" on the map, so whatever stuff you've got is going to be that much more important. Road warriors are likely to be much busier than spies in other Empires variants.

Other options under consideration are renaming armies (etc) to be something smaller and more suitable to the scenario, adding an action to buy resources from off-map (probably at a cost of at least 5 BPs each, probably from treasury) and an option to use gold as a "wildcard" (that is, allowing you to substitute gold for any resource you want, maybe one-for-one or perhaps two gold for one of something else).

At present the empires are simply named after their start positions, but maybe we could replace these with something more interesting, maybe with names in line with the theme. Any ideas?

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