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I've changed the SABOTAGE action as threatened, so that instead of destroying an army it merely confuses it - so that one army disperses back into reserve. At the point of the action it's effectively doing the same thing as always, but this way makes a bit more sense. I've also changed the SABOTAGE action for Australian Empires back to be the same as for other versions (ie. it nobbles armies rather than resources). See the bottom of the page for the new POACH action in Australian Empires.


I've extended the rules for spies to include spy catchers, moles and mole catchers, which should bring the WAIT and KILL actions into play more often. You can have one of each type of spy, and the cost for recruiting the new ones is 5 BPs (ordinary spies still cost 2 BPs). They're ordered the same way as spies, using the SPYCAT, MOLE and MOLECAT actions respectively. Any of these four types of spy can be recruited anywhere you've already got any other sort of spy (or a watcher).


The KILL action now works against a spy or a watcher in any area you own, against a spy in the area where your spy catcher is located, against a spy catcher where your mole is located or against a mole or mole catcher where your mole catcher is located (but omly one at a time, and in that order of preference). Spy catchers, moles and mole catchers can kill their targets in areas that you don't own.


The WAIT action will now work for a spy or spy catcher waiting for a spy, a mole waiting for a spy catcher or a mole catcher waiting for a mole. But you can't wait for a mole catcher. You can only wait in one location for one opponent at a time and it must be an area that you own. Any new WAIT action concels any previous ones.


Spies run around the map reporting things, committing sabotage and recruiting watchers, and can lie in wit for other spies. You can kill a spy any time you catch it inside your empire. Spycatchers can kill enemy spies, or lie in wait for them anywhere. Moles can kill enemy spy catchers, or lie in wait for them anywhere. Mole catchers can kill enemy moles or mole catchers, or lie in wait for enemy moles anywhere. Mole catchers can go anywhere without worrying about what's lying in wait.

If you want to stop enemy spies marching into your territory and blowing things up then get a spy catcher and set him to wait. If you want to dislodge a spy catcher, get a mole and try for a kill action. If you've got a spy catcher you want protected against enemy moles, set a mole catcher to wait for the mole to arrive (or send him in to make the kill if the mole is already present). If you want to dislodge an enemy mole catcher, send your own mole catcher and go for a kill.


In Australian Empires I've added the POACH action for road warriors to steal resources. It does much the same thing as the sabotage was doing, only a bit more random, and the resource you nobble gets added to your stockpile instead of being lost. Your road warrior doesn't get killed, though (but he probably will be if he sticks around...).

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