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Australian Empires is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Resources are scarce and population is sparse, but an assortment of isolated groups are attempting to restore civilisation (or conquer the world, which may be the same thing).

Some areas are occupied by "tribal" people. These may be the descendants of native populations who remained in touch with their pre-modern cultures (and presumably were therefore better able to cope with the collapse of civilisation) or they may be groups of formerly "civilised" people who have adopted a tribal culture. There are lots that would, given the chance or given the need.

The usual rules for Empires apply, including air forces used if anyone can afford to build one. The map is a map of Australia and New Zealand with the nearest parts of Indonesia and a few Pacific islands thrown in (because they happened to fit and because they look interesting). Initial population levels are reduced from the standard rules.


The six types of resources are Food, Fish, Fuel, Water, Munitions and Gold (order codes for these when necessary are FO, FI, FU. WA, MU and GO, ie. the first two letters). Resources are located either on the map or in your stockpile (off map). Resources can be moved between adjacent areas overland, and between coastal areas and your stockpile (in either direction). Resources on the map can be captured.

Gold can be swapped two for one of any other resource and any resources can always be acquired at a cost of 5 BPs each. Resources can also be traded direct between empires (between stockpiles). Stockpiles are shown in the roundup section of the game report to make trading easier.


Different actions requires different combinations of resources, as well as needing the usual build points. Some actions need the resources to be on the map in the location where the action happens, and others take their resources from your stockpile. The actions that need resources are AIR, ARMY, ATTACK, BUILD, FLEET, GROW, MOVE, NAVY and RESERVE.


Each area on the map produces resources each turn (the same one each turn) but the SURVEY action sets the resource type for an area (or resets it if it's already set). The type found is random, but depends on the terrain. Munitions are the most difficult resource to find. The SEND action moves resources around on the map or between a coastal area and your stockpile.


Spies are called Road Warriors, and watchers are called Road Watchers. Road watchers can see and report on the movement of road warriors in the areas they're watching, making them more vulnerable to KILL actions. The SABOTAGE action works against resources instead of armies.


Tribal reas are independant and produce their own resources at random (different resources each turn). They always trade their surplus resources with any visiting road warrior, and spend their resources on growing - and recruiting troops to defend themselves.


Finding the right resources, or trading for them, is the first step. Some are difficult to find, and some are more common in some areas of the map than others. Effective military action means building up supplies in advance and getting the resources into the places where they're wanted. Which means protecting them once they've arrived, or while they're being transported.

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