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This form is designed to be printed out & posted.   See below for why.
See also the Online Version of this form for payment by credit card.

Yes, I'd like to join a game. I enclose a cheque or postal order for 5.00, payable to Software Simulations Ltd.

Name :

Address :

Which Game :

Email Address, if you're happy
to be contacted this way :
Team or Kingdom Preferences
or Empire Name :
Tick if you're happy to start in a standby position
with two extra turns :
Tick if you want a short-handed game or write
SOLO for a one-handed game :

Software Simulations, 22 Rowan Way, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2NP.

Notes: To join one of our games you need to buy some turn credits, which usually means sending us a cheque or postal order. This form belongs in the same envelope with your cheque so we know who it's from and what it's for, which is why we've not provided an online form.

We do have a facility for online credit card payments, but this is mainly for international payments. The charges are in US dollars. This means that if you're not in the USA then we can't be sure what the exact cost will be once your credit card company has converted it back to your own currency.

If you use the online credit card facility to sign up then your address and email address are transmitted automatically but you'll need to contact us separately with your preferences (team or kingdom, empire or company name, etc).

The charges made by UK banks for credit card facilities are too high to be practical. This is why we use a service based in the USA. We're hoping they'll be able to provide a multi-currency service later this year.

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