Game AE5: This game has finished (with a win for Tasmania). I'll open a waiting list for a new one as soon as anyone signs up for it. Australian Empires probably isn't suitable for freemailers (there's too much to do) but you probably could start that way and make up your mind later. Freemailers would probably be okay later in the game in standby positions if we relaxed the restrictions a bit.



Game ME16: Twelve signed up, up to thirty wanted in all.
Daev Biggs (Byzantium)   Steve Seddon (Austria)   Andy Rees (Dernmark)  
Tony Rigby (Scotland)   Darren Palgrave (Portugal)   David Weeks (Aragon)  
Alex Quilliam (Ireland)   Colin Cousins (any)   Phil Jones (any)  
Steve Lowe (England)   Tony Elbourn (tbd)   Colin Coates (tbd)  

Freemailers are welcome - see Medieval Empires page for details.



Game WE8: Five signed up, anything up to 21 more wanted. Freemailers are welcome, including right from the start.

Mark Cadden,   Colin Mackenzie,   Dave O'Farrell,   Chris Mitchell,   Richard Lovett  

For the games that are already in play we'll open new waiting lists as soon as there's anyone that wants to sign up, but it would be much better to take a standby place instead (or as well, to play while you wait). The waiting lists for European Empires have been moved to a separate page.

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