Game EE17: None signed up so far.

Five is the minimum for a new full-sized game, but anything up to twelve is workable and games that start short-handed are likely to fill up later.

In this game, provided the players in question can use email both ways (ie. receive game reports by email and submit orders online) England will also control Hanover, Prussia will control Saxony and Austria will control Venice (as separate positions).



EE14 is well advanced and there are no suitable standby places.
EE15 has just started. There will be suitable standby positions available shortly.
EE16 has only just started. The major powers are all in play along with Sweden, Spain and Turkey. The minor powers are all still available for quick starts.

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The major powers in European Empires are Austria, England, France, Prussia, Russia and Sweden.
The minor powers are Crimea, Denmark, Egypt, Naples, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Syria and Turkey.
The minor countries are Algeria, Bavaria, Hanover, Holland, Persia, Piedmont, Saxony, Switzerland and Venice. See also the Map of Startup Positions.

When there's a major power available as a standby position I won't say which country is involved, or the other players the others are likely to tear it apart before we can find a new leader for it.