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We closed the old Cricket Stats because it was too difficult and costly to run, even though the players liked it. These days we're keeping our own stats so the scores should be more reliable and the costs are reduced. We've put the turnsheets online to make it easier and quicker to input your orders. There's an online version of the rulebook and the process of emaling game reports as PDF Files is now well established, so turnaround times can be a lot tighter with delivered in minutes instead of days, anywhere in the world. Lost turns are replaced instantly, instead of several days later. No more prolems with deadlines and deliveries!

For a quick outline of the game and how it works, click the About Cricket Stats link for the intro page.


We took the one-day stats out of the the game to help keep things simple, but as the game gets under way I think we can look at bringing them back, probably in separate competitions this time. We're probably going to be able to work out an international version, and we could probably offer domestic games in other countries if we find a way of reaching suitable players. The various T20 competitions seem particularly attractive in that respect (the IPL seems attractive with a 16 game schedule, but I don't know if we have a way to reach people who'd like an IPL-based game). Some alternative formats would need different rules, but that shouldn't be a problem.


If you want to join, decide on a team name and let me know. Email, phone, text or letter, whatever you prefer (but email is best, as it leaves a record on my computer where I can find it, and I'm going to need your email address anyway). Think about who you're going to be bidding for once the league is full.


For online players (using the softsim website to pinpit turns and getting game reports by email) there's a startup offer of a single batch of turns (as many or as few as you like, but only once) at 1 each See the link top and bottom of the page, and inside the the softsim website - you may have to scroll down a bit to find the right section. You don't have to use a credit card or PayPal... I still take cheques the same old way.

Standard turnfees are now 18 for ten or 32 for twenty (with odd turns at 2 each).


The initial Player List is now available. Most of the classifications have been generated automatically, so I have no doubt we will need to make some changes as we go along. And there are sure to be other players to add. When you're thinking of your bids, you've get 1200 LPs at the start, but if you spent all of that on players you wouldn't be able to afford their wages. You need to keep some back and have some to invest in marketing, merchandising and members. Top whack for a top player is around 100 LPs. A fair bid for a fairly useful player is around 30 or 40 LPs.

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