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A major part of our business (since we first established Software Simulations in the mid-80s) has always been to provide game design and software to other companies wanting to run play-by-mail games. Using the internet as a communications medium (which is what it's actually good at) means we can now do this a lot more efficiently. And we can offer an efficient system for play by email as well as postal play.


In the past we worked with other GMs through franchising, but in recent times we've moved away from this. Franchising is expensive and time consuming and has a high failure rate. It involves complex licence agreements and financial arrangements, and it means the GMs need to run the same kind of computer as we use for development.

So we're not doing this any more. If the right business opportunity comes along we'll still consider it, but that's probably not likely to happen.


Instead we offer two other schemes to suit GMs wanting to run our games. If you're an established company you probably want to be a "Reseller" so that you can sell our products as if they are your own. Otherwise you might want to be an "Affiliate" so that you'll act as a GM for us rather than in your own right.

Either way, the thing you need to know before you start is where and how you're going to find your players. If you've got people wanting to play then we can provide the game.

If all you want to do is run a game for your friends, then that's allowed. The same applies if you want to run a game as a fund-raising exercise for a club or an association, that's OK with us.

If you think you can find people who'd like to play our games but don't want to run them yourself, then that's just as good. We can usually handle more games ourselves, or we can find someone else to run it for you.


The big advantage that we get by using the internet is that we no longer need to deliver our software to GMs. It's relatively simple for us to provide the input and output software so that you can input turns and print reports. In between times (actually running the game itself) the game data comes to us. We use the internet to send your data to our software the same way you'd use an operating system or a local network to send data around the system in your own office.

An important feature of this service is that you don't have to pass the details of your customers to us. We only handle game data, and in our system this doesn't include player details. We don't know who they are or where they are.


We can also offer design & development services if you've got a game you want programmed (but be warned, the minimum conceivable cost for a development project is at least 1k and it'll be a good one that comes in as low as that).

Other services we can provide include consultancy on converting other games to use our system for internet games (using a website for customers to input their turns and email for delivery of game reports). We can also help with design, development and hosting of more typical websites (including help setting it up so that you can maintain it youself if this is what you want).


We're also interested in acquiring sponsors for any of our games, including games we haven't yet produced (we'd be happy to talk to potential sponsors about developing new games to suit your requirements). If you want a game to keep customers coming back to your website, or to attract more attention to an advertising campaign, then this is something we can do.

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