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We charge extra for overseas postage, since it costs more. We don't charge extra for overseas email, because it doesn't. It's also lots quicker. The charge for overseas postage is 10% in Europe and 40% in North America. See House Rules for details of how the extra charges are applied.


All our UK GMs accept payments by cheque or postal orders in UK currency. PBM Sports in Australia accepts payments by cheque and bank transfer in Australian dollars. Payments in US dollars can be made with our online credit card facility. Cheques in Euros can be sent to UK GMs (they must be payable to "SSI Limited" rather than whatever is usual for the GM).


Many of our games are available direct from PBM Sports in Melbourne. These are games which are run locally. You can also play in games based in the UK while still paying Australian turnfees (by cheque or whatever) in Aussie dollars via PBM Sports, P.O.Box 14219, Melbourne, Victoria, 8001.


Our credit card facility charges in US dollars, but it usable wherever you are. Your card issuer will convert to your normal currency on your bill, and the exchange rate is variable (their rates are usually quite acceptable). For top-ups you need a user name to log in on the active website at softsim.co.uk, but there's a separate page for credit card startups and you can get to that right away.


If your turnfees are quoted only in UK currency, then our usual conversion rates are as follows:-
Euros:   UK turnfee times 1.8
US Dollars:   UK turnfee times 2
Australian or Canadian Dollars:   UK turnfee times 2.7
Note: The quick way to multiply a number by 1.8 is to double it, and then take one tenth off the result. To multiple a number by 2.7, treble it and then reduce the result by 10% (the same way).
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