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PBMSports This is our main static information site, with blurbs for all the games we run. It also has waiting list and stuff for games run by Danny at Ab Initio games in Bromley.
SoftSim This is our "active" website, with downloads for printing out emailed game reports and forms for entering your orders directly. There's a login procedure, so you need to apply to use for a username before you can use it.
Cricket Stats This is a separate website devoted to Cricket Stats.
Dark Age II This is a separate website devoted to Dark Age II, making it easier for new players to find the information they need without all the clutter on our main sites.
Pirates This is the website for a prototype Javacsript game (you sail around the Caribbean in search of plunder). It's a bit experimental, to see what we can do with the format. Try it and tell us what you think.
PlayOnFootball This is a separate website devoted entirely to Play On.
RugbyLeagueBreakout This is a separate website devoted to Rugby League Breakout.
Rugby Stats This is a separate website devoted to Rugby League Stats.
Soccer Stats This is a separate website devoted to Soccer Stats.
Jason Oates Games Jason runs a number of computer-assisted wargames including Ancient Empires and Company Commander (computer assisted means they're actually run interactively by the GM, with the data being held on computer, and individual routines written to decide specific things, as opposed to fully computer-adjudicated games where the GM just handles input and output, and the computer does everything in between). Computer assisted games are usually more flexible and can have more detail, but they cost more to run and can't be run in large numbers.
Napoleonic Association The Napoleonic Association "was formed by and for people with a common interest in the history of the period" including re-enactments as well as games.
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