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1. To get started use the New Turnsheet link on the softsim website. Then you can make initial selections and input your gameplan.
2. Gameplans can be imported from existing advanced leagues. Email me and say which league and team (from and to).
3. The default format for reports is PDF. If you want the text format you need to ask for it.
4. Situation numbers in the advanced game are now 1-16 on offence and 25-40 on defence.
5. Situation numbers appear in the play-by-play listing when you play against warmup teams, same as in all previous versions.
6. During pre-season you can name your whole roster including the no-star players. See the entries for 6th & 9th April.

Turns can be bought the usual ways, either online using the softsim website (there's now a PayPal option) or by sending me a cheque payable to Software Simulations Ltd (address is Software Simulations, P.O. Box 2758, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2XH). The first batch of turns you buy I will credit two-for-one (ie. if you pay for ten you get twenty, if you pay for sixty you get a hundred and twenty... how many you go for is up to you). Subsequent turns I will credit an extra two for every ten.

Roster updates (for updated player names and shirt numbers) have been received and processed for the Bears, Bengals, Browns, Cardinals, Chargers, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Packers, Panthers, Ravens and Vikings. There are plenty more still to be done.

FEEDBACK - Read This Next Top

For feedback do please try to put useful subject lines in your emails and retain them throughout the thread if there is one. It can be a bit of a pain sifting through lots of emails with the same title looking for the one that said something I want to review. It's also best to run separate subjects in separate threads rather than pile everything into the same email.

TURN CREDITS - Card Transactions Top

When making card payments please allow processing time. You need to do them a week in advance of the deadline. They don't come through quickly (we don't do enough business to pay for a fancy instant online payment system) and Danny often isn't in the office during the week to do the book keeping and pass them on.

UPDATED RULES - Discussion Pages Top

I've added a new page for the accumulated rules changes and I'm labelling the NuGameplan rules as version 2.18. Note that all the pages linked at the top of the page have information about the current changes - the latest updates on each page are the ones in maroon text.

REPORT FORMATS - PDFs & Typefaces Top

The new formats for PDF reports are now available in the Email Format box at the bottom of the turnsheet. The typeface normally used in PDF reports should now be Lucida Console, which I think is much clearer than the old one (which is Courier New - we only ever used this because it was all that was available when we introduced the system).

Allowable formats are COURIER, MONACO, LUCIDA and LST (which is Lucida Sans Typewriter, which I think is actually the best of the group and the one closest to the typeface used in the original design). These commands just set the typeface and for the report to display correctly you need to have that font installed on your computer (these commands are mainly intended for people using Linux and Macs - nearly all Windows users will have both Lucida Console and Courier New). And you can go back to Courier if you really want. Or Lucida Sans Typewriter if you've got it and agree with me that it's actually the best available.

The final option available is EMBED which embeds the font in the file so the report will display correctly whether you have the font on your computer or not. The typeface will be whatever the GM has set as the default (currently Lucida Console). The disadvantage is the file is much larger than it otherwise needs to be, but with fast broadband you probably don't care.

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