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We now have a new version of the Gameplan software to work with and a reasonable amount of time available to work on it, so first thing is to look at what we want to add and what we want to change in the new version.

NuGameplan is working towards a new game that will be very different, but for the time being it is still very much like the old Gameplan. The major changes are the result of swapping to a modern new compiler that runs on a modern PC with an up to date operating system. This means the previous limits on memory, disk space and processing power are gone. We can have more stuff and more detail, and can do more heavy work at gametime.

Another important change is we intend that all input will be online, with no paper turnsheets. That's important because we no longer have to fit all the input into one page. Some stuff that's already in the game that you haven't had control over in the past can now be on the turnsheet because it doesn't cost extra to process.


NFLCA - Season 2011    


The first thing we need is feedback. Scan around these pages and let us know what you feel you want to see, and to help fill out some of the details. A good starting point is to think about what player types and skills you see that we don't have already, how you want to use them, and the effect you expect to get. Also think about what the countermeasures should look like because they have to be added at the same time or the play balance will go crazy. Areas to ignore include the league format and schedule. The final destination for this project will be a version that is not NFL themed, so we're not going to spend time and money making it more NFL-like than it is already.

I will prioritise the things that need to be in at the start ahead of stuff that can be added during play.


We have two league running for "road testing" (one basic, one advanced) and there's a waiting list for a college league as well. Email me (Peter) at the usual address if interested. For the time being the two versions (Gameplan is version 2.17 and NuGameplan is version 2.18) are completely separate and nothing added in NuGameplan will have any effect on existing games. Depending on progress and later compatibility we may be able to transfer existing leagues to the new version, but this is going to be a much more difficult operation than in previous versions (the data is stored differently and neither of the two sets of software can read data in the form stored by the other).


The GM for the test leagues is me (Peter Calcraft). We decided to stick with two week deadlines since that's what you're all used to. Startup discount is two-for-one on any number of turns. Subsequent discount will probably be an extra two-for-every-ten.

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