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This page gives a quick outline of the instructions for how to try out and use our printer utility. These instructions will probably be sufficient if you're familiar with Windows (let us know if we're wrong about this). If you need more detail then follow the link at the bottom of the page.

Note: We now provide game reports as PDF files, so you don't need to mess around with the printer utility. You do need Adobe Reader, but most people already have it and in any case it's a free download from a reputable source. PDFs should work on just about anywhere for anyone. Skip the section in the box if you're not using the printer utility.

Download the SSIPRINTER.EXE utility by clicking on the link above. Save it in your Program Files folder (add a shortcut on your desktop if you want one).

Download the sample game report the same way. Your browser will probably try to display it as a text file or a web page. Use "File" and "SaveAs" to save the file. It doesn't actually matter where, so long as you can find it again.

In normal play your game report will arrive by email. The report will probably not be an "attachment", but the report is in the text of the email itself, so that you need to use "File" and "SaveAs" to save it in a similar way. If you get your reports this way normally you'll probably want to create a separate folder to store them.

Run the SSIPRINTER program and use the browse function (the button inside the file name box) to find the game report where you saved it. Then push the "Process" button to select your printer in the usual way and print the file.

Feedback is welcome, so please let us know about any difficulties you have with these instructions or with the printer utility itself (take a look at the detailed instructions first, though). Not everyone seems to be able to make it work, although the ones that don't usually aren't able to tell us what did or didn't happen.

If the printer utility isn't any good for you then all it means is you can't have your game reports arriving by email. Lots of people still prefer to receive their game reports by post anyway - even if their email is fine. An email someohow isn't quite as interesting as a game report thumping on the doormat in the morning (or jamming under the door when you get home in the evening).

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The sample game report isn't actually a typical turn, although it's perfectly good for demonstrating how the system works. It's actually the startup turn in a game of Star Chase, and it's a position you could pick up and start playing as a short-handed game if you fancy giving it a try. If you follow the link above there should be enough information to write your orders for the first turn.