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This is going to be a fairly simple website, at least to start with, as the purpose is just to make sure everyone can keep up to date with the state of the the waiting lists. It used to be that just about everyone could keep track by reading the message files associated with the games already in progress, and new starters could keep in touch with an occasional phone call, but these days our GMs and our games are spread all over the world, and I'm away working onsite most of the time so I'm rarely on hand to answer the phone.

With luck I'm going to be making regular updates, of both changes to the waiting lists and progress in rules and software changes (especially ones that relate to the games that are waiting to start). I'll also add other material as and when it seems appropriate. A letters page seems like a good idea. And an area for discussing rules ideas and similar.

I'll try not to repeat anything here that you can already find in our main info-site at www.pbmsports.com. That's the place to look for introductory blurbs, startup forms and the like for all our games - but if you're looking for our input forms and downloads then you can find our "active" site at www.softsim.co.uk. On the other hand there is a lot of stuff repeated from the Rugby League Breakout site, since a lot of you will never see it otherwise.


If you want to ensure that your letter (or email) doesn't appear on the website, then mark it "Private" or "Not For Publication". Otherwise you might find your it gets posted here, if we think it's a something that is going to be relevant or interesting to other people. Might save us answering the same questions quite so often! And we might see


Contributions and additions to the website are welcome provided we can build them into the website ourselves. Don't use any browser specific features, or do anything that requires browser plug-ins and extra facilities. The best presentation is probably plain text (or plain HTML).

The policy we're operating with our websites is that all material we publish must be under our own editorial control. Nothing appears except we put in here. There aren't any links to other sites except our own. Those of you who have seen the sort of inappropriate material that sometimes used to appear when we offered a easier policy won't be surprised. Most of what other people would produce would be fine, and always was, but there are always a few idiots.

A particularly bad habit over the years has been people trying to use our newsletters to launch games of their own. Often just ripoffs of our games. If you've got a game of your own that you want to start, or an idea where you want help with the design and software, then contact us. We can probably help. And we won't steal your ideas. We've got plenty of our own! And never enough time to work on them. But don't make it a copy of something we already did.

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