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The rules in this section apply for the player companies and operating companies, but not the service companies. The rules that apply only for operating companies are in the next section.

3.1  Turn Order  Company operations are processed in a series of phases. All the companies do one phase and then all the companies do the next phase. Trades are processed first, followed by imports, then production, buying and selling (together) and exports. Loans are arranged at the start of the turn, and interest is charged at the end of the turn. The order of each phase and which types of company they apply for is as show in the table below (along with the rules paragraph that applies).
Note: Buying and selling commodities is done AFTER production, so companies must buy the stuff they need in a previous turn. If you don't get what you need you can still do something about it in the gives & gets and/or the imports phase (these happen before the production phase).


Gives, Gets & Cash Both 3.2
Advertising Operating Companies Only 4.9
New Loans Both 3.3
Staff & Wages Operating Companies Only 4.4
Building Both 3.9
Imports Both 3.4
Production Operating Companies Only 4.1
Exports Both 3.7
Buying & Selling Commodities Both 3.5
Stores Both 3.9
Buying & Selling Shares Both 3.8
Dividends Operating Companies Only 4.5
Interest Payments Both 3.3
Share Issues Operating Companies Only 4.6
Votes & Control Operating Companies Only 4.8
3.2  Gives & Gets  In this phase the companies can trade commodities directly. To arrange a trade the MDs of both companies must write orders that match exactly (one writes a GIVE order to send the commodities and the other writes a GET order to receive them). See 6.11 and 6.12 for the GIVE and GET actions, and 6.24 for the TRADE action (which is a shortcut for trading stuff between two companies you control).
Gives and Gets are paid for at the average of the original "base price" of the commodity and the current price (so that if these are different then the difference is split between the companies). Gives and Gets happen very early in the order of company operations (and only in the turn they're ordered), so that if your operating company has a shortage of a commodity needed for production you can try to obtain stocks from other companies.
Companies can also gift moderate amounts of cash to other companies, using the CASH action (see 6.6). This is intended mainly to allow for adjustments in deals made with GIVE and GET actions, but you may find other uses for it.

3.3  Loans & Overdrafts  Companies may raise loans from the bank. There is currently no maximum loan, but you can only borrow up to 99k in single action (that's more than enough). The money is available to be spent in the same turn that it is borrowed. Interest is paid at a rate of 5% per turn.
Overdrafts are distinct from loans (an overdraft is simply a negative bank balance) and these are raised automatically during the turn if needed. Interest is paid each turn at the rate of 10% of the worst balance during the turn (it's cheaper to use a proper loan).