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2.6  LEGIBILITY  It's important to write your orders as neatly as possible. We won't correct errors that result from poorly written turns. Think BEFORE you fill in the turnsheet. We recommend that you write out your plans on another sheet of paper and transfer the final version to your turnsheet only when you're finished, or use a soft (dark) pencil that you can erase without making a mess. If you're entering your orders online then legibility will not be a problem: the website is designed to be fussy about understanding what you enter (this may seem annoying sometimes, but it's a very good idea to check exactly what you mean while you're online to make changes).
Before entering your orders online we recommend writing them out clearly. Use the paper turnsheet for this (you aren't going to need to post it, after all).

2.7  MESSAGES  The turnsheet includes a section for player messages, which are printed in the game report for everyone to see. All messages are identified according to who sent them, and our normal restrictions apply (i.e. keep it clean and fair).

2.8  EMAIL & PHONE  You can use the message line on the turnsheet to add your phone number and/or email address to the information in the "roundup" section of the game report.  Simply address the message to PHONE or EMAIL and keep it short (28 characters, including spaces). Your address or phone number stays in the roundup until you change it.

2.9  PLAYER REPORTS  For each turn you will receive a report of your actions, share holdings and finances that turn, along with information about the stock market and commodities market. Your current score is shown along with your percentage score (which shows how you are doing relative to the other players).

2.10  COMPANY REPORTS   If you are the MD of a company during a turn then you receive a report for that company. You also receive a company report for any company for which you will be the MD the following turn. The company report lists all commodities given and got; all commodities bought, made, sold, imported, exported or held in stock; storage and advertising costs; money spent on loans, overdrafts, dividends and wages; company and quarterly profits; asset values and money in the bank; the number of shares that have been issued; the names of the shareholders and the name of the managing director this turn and next.

2.11  TURN CREDITS   Unpaid turns are not mailed. Turn credits in hand are shown on the front of your player report, along with any discounts available. Discount turns are added automatically, but only when you buy turns in batches of ten or more.

2.12  EMAIL REPORTS   There is an option to have your game report sent to you as an email. In order to print out your emailed report once you've received it you'll need to be able to save the file somewhere and run the Windows utility we can provide (it can be downloaded from the website as, or it can be emailed to you.). This interprets the printer control codes in the file so that it's formatted correctly.