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Your turnsheet allows you to enter a number of actions each turn. These can be applied to any of the companies you control: in the first column on each line you enter the two or three letter code for the company you want that action to apply to.
When the turn is being run the actions are processed first, and whatever you've ordered is written into the "business plan" of the company concerned. The other phases are then processed in turn, with the companies acting according to the instructions in their business plans.
If you're used to our other action-driven games then it's important you understand how this game is different. Most of the actions in this game just change the business plan, and things don't necessarily happen right away. Many things will go on happening turn after turn once they're in the business plan.

6.1  ADVERTISE  The ADVERTISE action (see 4.9) spends money on advertising. This works only for operating companies. Enter the amount you want to spend in the Number box (the maximum allowed for a single action is 1000). The money you spend counts for all the products the company makes.
     Who By  Action Name   Commodity  Price     Number    Who
Format  [ CO ]  [ ADVERTISE ] [ not used ]  [ not used ]  [ How Much ] [ not used ]

6.2  ALLOCATE  The ALLOCATE action assigns "loose" plant to a given production line in an operating company (see 4.1). Enter the two-letter code for the commodity in the Commodity box and the number of plant you want to allocate in the Number box. If the production ordered for that line is less than is possible in a single shift then the number ordered is increase to fill out the first shift.
     Who By  Action Name   Commodity  Price     Number    Who
Format  [ CO ]  [ ALLOCATE ] [ Which ]   [ not used ]  [ How Many ] [ not used ]
Note: There's no point allocating plant unless you're going to use it - if you don't want the production then hold it as "loose" plant so you can still allocate it elsewhere or sell it to raise money.
Warning: It's the commodity you want to MAKE that you enter in the Commodity box, not the plant. It's very easy to write "allocate plant" because that's what you're thinking: the action really ought to be called "Allocate To"

6.3  BORROW  The BORROW action is used to borrow money from the bank (see 3.3). You can borrow up to 99k in a single action. There is no other limit, and whatever you ask for the bank will provide. Enter the amount you want to borrow (in thousands) in the Amount box. 
     Who By  Action Name  Commodity  Price     Amount     Who
Format  [ CO ]  [ BORROW ]  [ not used ]  [ not used ]  [ How Much ] [ not used ]
Note: 99k means 99,000 (a "k" after a number is a shorthand for a thousand).

6.4  BUILD  The BUILD action increases the stores capacity for the company (see 3.9). Enter the number to be added to the stores capacity in the Number box (the maximum allowed in a single action is 1000). The cost is equal to the increase in capacity.
     Who By  Action Name  Commodity   Price     Number    Who
Format  [ CO ]  [ BUILD ]   [ not used ]  [ not used ]  [ How Much ] [ not used ]
Note: Building new storage capacity is very slow, because the number limit is quite low in relation to the capacity you're likely to want.